Seriously Positive LLC

While on vacation, I couldn't seem to fall asleep, soI turned on the television, and I started flipping channels. I came across a reality show about mothers and daughters who were hanging out together in clubs and getting into bar fights. I couldn't believe the content, and it was a scary reminder of all the negative images that are out there for girls. About a week later, I viewed a post on social media that showed a t-shirt with a disturbing message. Again, it was a scary reminder of the negative messages that are around us. I contacted my 11 year-old cousin, Kaiya, and I asked if she would like to work with me to develop positive messages on t-shirts for girls. She asked why would we just focus on girls when boys need positive messages too. I agreed, and we pulled my son Khalil, age 9, in as well. The three of us jointly developed about 20 slogans that matched the company name that we formed. We told my husband, Harry, about our idea, and he joined us on our journey.

To teach Khalil and Kaiya the importance of giving, I suggested that we donate a portion of our proceeds to a charitable organization. We brainstormed about different organizations, and decided to donate to an organization that focused on autism because Khalil had been previously diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which is on the Autism spectrum.

During our first event, we only offered children's items, but there were many adults who expressed an interest in having the items. We shortly moved into adult items, as well.

Since launching, we have found other organizations and events to which to donate and sponsor. As a result, we also provide support to organizations that assist young people in a variety of ways. Our mission is to uplift the community through seriously positive messages.